Sub- committee Members – In 2009, the elected board requested that owners who want to assist the board to please sign on as a sub-committee member. Sub-committee members are allowed to attend monthly board meetings, able to voice their personal and professional opinions regarding any topics on the table. Sub-committee members are not elected members of the board thus do not have voting rights but their voices are heard and opinions considered by elected board members before their vote. Sub-committee members are great candidates for becoming an elected board member should they wish to run in a coming election or should a seat opens during mid-term.

Currently we have ONE (1) sub-committee member and are searching for more owners to get involved with assisting this great community of ours. We are looking for any interested owners to share any personal, professional or creative experience they have to contribute to Seaview Estates.

To learn more eMail: boardASSISTme@aol.com